The Magicians: a 3D interactive software development company that specializes in creating innovative content for the Second Life® world.

Kimberly Rufer-Bach (Kim Anubis), Owner, Designer, & Producer
Ian A. Young (Alexander Daguerre), Lead Engineer
Jane Belcastro (Wynx Whiplash), Artist & Animator
Henry Segerman (Seifert Surface), Artist & Programmer
Tracy Bialik (Tracy Candour), Programmer
Barry Spencer II (DaVinci Doctorow), Artist
Gerrie Rufer (Chimera Malaprop), Event Facilitator
Will Segerman (Art Laxness), Artist

Shamaness Wynx Whiplash (Jane Belcastro), Mathematician Seifert Surface (Henry Segerman), Technomancer Tracy Candour (Tracy Bialik), Artifex Art Laxness (Will Segerman), Jester Chimera Malaprop (Gerrie Rufer), Conjurer DaVinci Doctorow (Barry Spencer II), Master Illusionist Kim Anubis (Kimberly Rufer-Bach), and Magus Alexander Daguerre (Ian A. Young).